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Career Counselling

DIPS What is Career Counseling?
Career counselling is the process of self-exploration combined with looking into the world of work. Career counselling is a holistic process as your life issues are also a big part of your work issues. Integrating them both into the counselling process makes for a well-rounded approach to career development.

What does Career Counseling do?
The career counselling session is where our highly experienced and skilled counsellors meet the individual and give him/her clarity in choosing the most suitable career based on their test result.

How does career Counseling work?
To give you optimum clarity in choosing the right career by reputed counsellors who have counselled thousands of individuals.

Why career counseling?
The simple reason behind all this agony and frustration could be that you are in the wrong field and a little professional guidance will help you to understand your aptitude better. Good career counselling helps in choosing the right career which forms the foundation for a successful professional career. The student faces considerable confusion with regard to choice of courses that would lead them to successful careers. A lot of time and money is spent to prepare a concrete base for one's career by taking relevant courses. In case the student chooses a profession, which doesn't match his personality or intelligence, or in areas he / she is not interested, then all his / her preparation would be a waste and he / she may end up as a poor performer and with no job satisfaction.
Students are under emotional stress in selecting courses, due to pressure from parents, peer groups and the society - such as the current hype about MBA Career Choices made under such pressure will lead to taking up courses / careers that one may not eventually find interested, absorbing and satisfying. The Career choice that we make is more or less irrevocable. Career Choices, in our country are usually made when the students complete of 12th standard. It is then; they are confused to decide on courses/careers. At such difficult, crucial decision making circumstances, career counselling comes to the aid of students and guides them to choose the right career path.

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